Fix `ereg is deprecated` errors in PHP 5.3

While helping someone making a php site, I ran into some old codes using ereg

To get rid of the deprecated warnings replace ereg with preg

Fix ‘ereg is deprecated’ errors in PHP 5.3

However, it didn’t quite work for me

It had something to do with some symbols being treated as delimiters when they shouldn’t be.

For some reason, the method described on that site did not fix it the issue (wrap the patterns with //)

What I ended up doing was to wrap it with

ie. ereg(“‘[-A-Za-z0-9+&@#/%?=~_|!:,.;]*[-A-Za-z0-9+&@#/%=~_|]?(/.*)?$'”, $text)
preg_match(“[-A-Za-z0-9+&@#/%?=~_|!:,.;]*[-A-Za-z0-9+&@#/%=~_|]?(/.*)?$“, $text)


ereg_replace(“([ \t\r\n])+”, “”, $text);
preg_replace(“([ \t\r\n])+“, “”, $text);


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