Pi has arrived

Received my Raspberry pi this weekend.

A Pi 2 and a Pi 1 Model B+

Booted up the Pi 2 since I ordered a starter kit with it from adafruit, everything worked right away, much easier than the beagleboard I ordered way back in 2010, but it could have been due to the fact I did not have an HDMI monitor.

But it has very cool potential, it looks like it will be pretty easy to take it anywhere, especially with the computing power of pi 2, I might even make it my dedicated box to dev my personal website at.

So far I’ve been looking at what I can do with the raspberry pi, and seems creating a pi 2 portable computer is definitely a viable option.

I’m not a creative maker like Machael is, I don’t even have space to get the power tools 🙂

But there are some ideas that I can definitely take. For example, his selection of battery and LCD screen.

With Pi 2, my plan for now is to run VNC on it and get a cheap tablet as my portable monitor, if there is a need, I can still use the HDMI port whenever I have access to a monitor.

The issue I’d like to solve is: Portable power, while Michael’s battery could potentially take care of a lot of the problems, adafruit again looks like they have some pretty awesome solutions, I remember when I first started shopping AT-mega chips there, the first version of Minty Boost just came out. Now they have so much more.

Suffice to say, I got my hands full with the pi 2. What will I do with the Model B+?

So far, I can’t decide whether I want to make it into an XBMC media centre, or a media display board, or something that will need the camera for.

It seems this pi day, I will be going through some code and figure out how to use the camera board with the model B+