Interesting personality test experiment started at work

Our company started a new initiative where we were asked to take personality test in hope to discover ways for us to work better as the company grows.

Which is very interesting, I always thought it would be useful information to determine how to best leverage ability of every team member.

However, I hope this experiment relies more on the intuition than a standard scientific formula.

From what I’ve been seeing with analytics in hockey, science makes everything hard. Because science always have to evolve to include new discoveries. It’s like the Rubrics cube, if you only piece together one side first, it makes it much much harder to solve the entire puzzle. And that’s knowing what the end result looks like.

For now I hope we still rely on our intuition and be flexible with this experiment. I see a lot of values in it, and I see how getting too scientific with it could defeat its purpose.

I still believe ancient Chinese wisdom touched on ways to get people working together, in much simpler terms, without having to know each individual and this was when war involved using flags as the major way of communication.

So these scientific data about our personality will help, but to actually make sense of them still require a lot of experimentation